Karate for adults


Are you tired of the same gym work outs? In that case, Karate classes at Traditional Martial Arts & Fitness in Dubai offers you a fun and challenging exercise routine and an exciting alternative to the gym. The objective of our classes is to build and enhance your strengths, endurance, flexibility, coordination and skills.

Regardless of whether you want to become a competitive athlete, learn self-defense techniques or simply become more physically fit, this program will help you achieve your goal.

It is well documented that regular exercise can improve both the quality and longevity of your life and that it makes people feel happier and more alert. There is also evidence that exercise can help cognitive brain function. Everything that you do in your life becomes a bit easier because of your karate practice.

Karate trains the mind as well as the body, resulting in improved self-awareness, discipline, confidence and will power. Not only will you become more confident that you can defend yourself, but your confidence to tackle all of life’s trials will grow.

Keep in mind that no previous experience is required. And if you do have some experience in martial arts, this is a great place to enhance those skills.



In the beginner class, adult students will be introduced to Shotokan Karate by focusing on the fundamentals of traditional karate. Students will practice the basic stances, blocks, and strikes. This class will also emphasize basic conditioning and self-defense.




In the intermediate class, students’ balance, coordination, and timing skills will further be challenged and enhanced as they practice various combinations with their basics, forms, and sparring techniques. This class will also emphasize conditioning and self-defense.


In advanced karate classes your timing, coordination, strength, focus, endurance, and technical ability will be challenged further. This class will further develop each student’s understanding of the art while also emphasizing conditioning and self-defense.


Kata (Forms)


All martial arts have been taught through a series of training patterns. In Karate the patterns are called Kata. In Kata the techniques of martial arts are translated and encrypted. Kata should not be overlooked as a training necessity. Kata not only conditions the body for battle but trains the reflexes and mind as well. There are many great books that deal with Kata.





Considering Dubai’s lifestyle most of us are spending a lot of our time at home, in the office and the car; always sitting behind a desk and getting no exercise. If you want to maintain a healthy life get up, get dressed and come to our karate classes in Dubai, Tecom