Desire Buk

Yoga instructor




With an academic background in Philosophy and a special interest in cognitive sciences I was always curious and fascinated by the ways mind works and found in yoga a perfect playground for such explorations. Re – connecting body and mind, moving awareness out of the cerebral, instrumental, and patterned space of our heads into an open, non-judging landscapes of the whole body offers endless opportunities to discover the depths of Self, to be with what is and process things as they are. Yoga is an inquiry into what it means to be alive, embodied, sensing, experiencing, focusing, engaging and interacting with life. The practice of presence.

My classes are relaxed explorations of this presence and are suitable for everyone. Sometimes strong and fluid & sometimes softer with long holdings but always slow and deep with emphasis on the experience of movement and sensations within. I love the rhythmic fluidity of Vinyasa, the static strength of Hatha and delicious depth of Yin – whichever the style I teach I tend to offer a blend of movement sequences through which we are strengthening, stretching, balancing, expanding, grounding and exploring energies within, returning to ourselves.


Educational Background:yoga image (1)


Faculty of Arts (University)- Ljubljana Slovenia

  • BA in French Language and Literature
  • BA in Philosophy




RYT 200

Shiva Shakti, Traditional Yoga School

Goa, India


Teaching Experiences:


Desire has worked in several studios in Dubai, led private sessions and organized workshops.

Her work consists of:

  • Leading yoga classes for all skill levels – from beginners to advanced
  • Designing and implementing specialized private & group lessons according to individual & group need.
  • Giving students in-depth understanding of breathing techniques.
  • Providing guided meditation to help students center themselves and get the most out of each session.
  • Leading and organizing educational workshops on yogic lifestyle.




  • Slovenian (native)
  • English (fluent)
  • French (fluent)
  • Serbian (fluent)