You might be eager to get into karate to improve your height, or you might be worried about joining because you think it’ll make you shorter. But how does karate really affect your height?

The Factors Affecting Height

Scientists have done a lot of work to figure out why you’re as tall as you are. Here are some of the most important factors.


Your genes are without a doubt the most important thing when it comes to height. If your parents and grandparents are all tall, then you’re probably tall as well. If they’re all short, then you’re almost certainly short as well. This means that no matter what you do, your height will never stray too far away from what your genes dictate.


Despite genes determining about eighty percent of your height, there are still other factors that can make a significant difference. One of these is nutrition. A good diet will give you all the vitamins and minerals your body needs. That’s why you should have a nice balance of foods rich in protein and calcium, as well as fruits and vegetables to give you the necessary vitamins.


This may come as a surprise, but sleep plays an important role in your height. This is because your body does most of its growing and repairing while you’re at rest. Sleep is also the time when your body releases all the hormones that help improve your height. That’s why going to bed early is so important.

Sports, Karate, and Height

What about sports and karate? The truth is that there is no conclusive answer. While some studies claim that these will help improve your height, others say that there is no significant effect. One thing is clear, however, and that’s the fact that karate and other sports will definitely not reduce your height. So, if you were skeptical about starting karate because of this, you can let go of your fears and join.

The Good News

Yet that’s not where the story ends. While things are unclear about the direct impact of karate on a person’s height, there are some things we are sure about.

The first is posture. Karate is known for helping a person build a good posture. After practicing karate for a while you’ll slouch less. As a result, you’ll always have your back straight which will make you appear taller.

Scientists also reveal that intense exercise, like karate, can help release more hormones. These hormones, in turn, could help increase your height. This is further aided by the fact that you’ll be pretty worn out after a karate session, so you’ll probably be getting more sleep.

Another positive is that karate and other high-straining sports help build stronger bones, which could also indirectly help increase your height.

The Verdict

While your genes will be the ultimate factor in how tall you are, karate can still positively affect your height. This is thanks to it improving your posture, helping in the release of hormones, tiring you out so you sleep more, and giving you stronger bones. So what are you waiting for? Join our karate classes today!


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